Open source AI platform for cancer precision medicine trial matching

Founded in 2016, MatchMiner is an open source computational platform developed by the Knowledge Systems Group at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) for matching patient-specific genomic profiles to cancer precision medicine trials. The main goals of MatchMiner are:
1. Accelerate trial enrollment onto cancer precision medicine trials.
2. Maximize potential trial options for all patients.

Clinical Trial Markup Language (CTML) is a human readable markup language that allows users to structure clinical trial details including clinical and genomic eligibility.

CTML supports a wide range of clinical trial information and is easily extended to include new criteria. Eligibility criteria can include genomic, clinical, and demographics.

MatchMiner provides 3 modes to match patients to precision medicine trials


This mode enables patient care providers and clinical research staff to view patient trial matches on an individual basis. 


This mode enables trial staff to identify patients with specific genomic and clinical features that match a trial’s eligibility criteria. 

Trial Search

This mode enables patient care providers and clinical research staff to view trials matches for individual patients. This mode requires manual evaluation of trial matches for each genomic alteration of interest.


MatchMiner: An open source platform for cancer precision medicine

MatchMiner: An open source computational platform for real-time matching of cancer patients to precision medicine clinical trials using genomic and clinical criteria